Material Culture Studies

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1st AWRANA conference

The first AWRANA conference, organized by the Material Culture Studies group from May 27-30, 2015 was a great success

Paul Kozowyk Archon PhD

Paul Kozowyk has received one of the Archon PhD positions with his research proposal Sticking around: identification, performance and preservation of Palaeolithic adhesives.

Grant Byvanckfonds for Dennis Braekmans

Dennis Braekmans receives funding from the Byvanckfonds for the research "Regional economy in the ancient Mediterranean: a materials approach to the exchange networks of Carthage (North Africa)."

Two Marie Curie Fellowships

The Laboratory of Material Culture Studies welcomes two new researchers in October 2013. Dr. Christina Tsoraki and Dr. Benjamin Tun-Yee Chan , both from the Department of Archaeology of the University of Sheffield, received a Marie Curie research fellowship and will perform their research for 24 months under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Annelou of Gijn.  

Building the Late Stone Age house

From 20-31 August, Leiden Archaeology students will be working on a reconstruction of a Late Stone Age house (2nd half of the Vlaardingen culture, ca. 2,900-2,500 BC). The project will be supervised by prof. dr. Annelou van Gijn and architects Diederik Pomstra and Hans de Haas, in collaboration with Staatsbosbeheer (State Forest Management). The project is funded by the Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds.

Veni Research Geeske Langejans

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research has awarded dr. Geeske Langejans a Veni grant for the research project " What's in a plant? Tracking early human behaviour through plant processing and exploitation". The research will start in March 2012. Until then Dr. Geeske Langejans is postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.