Dutch Science Agenda questions

The Dutch Science Agenda will contain the themes that science will focus on in the coming years.

As you may know, the Dutch government has decided to commission the so-called ‘knowledge coalition’ to develop a Dutch Science Agenda. Members of this coalition and the public have been invited to submit questions for this agenda. The deadline for submission was May the 1st. By that date, a total number of 11.700 questions were submitted.

In the coming months, under the guidance of Alexander Rinnooy Kan and Beatrice de Graaf, the questions will be assessed for usefulness for the science agenda and, in consultation with the parties involved, they will be brought together in a small number of themes, subdivided into highly promising scientific research areas. The agenda should be ready by the end of 2015.

Our faculty has submitted the following four questions:

  1. What can we learn from past developments in human societies to address the pressing problems of the modern world?

  2. What major challenges have characterised the development of human society?

  3. What are the origins of social inequality?

  4. How has the European colonization process impacted the world?

For further reading see the explanation of each of the questions.

Last Modified: 07-05-2015