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Jorrit Kelder invited as Guest Scholar at the Getty Research Institute

Jorrit Kelder, Senior Research Grant Adviser at Luris with close associations with Faculty of Archeology Classical and Mediterranean research, has been invited to become Guest Scholar in a major research programme at the Getty Research Institute, exploring the relations between the Greek / Roman world and Egypt from the Bronze Age to Late Roman Times.

Breaking and making the ancestors

Arjan Louwen (MA) will start a PhD research project on the social and ideological aspects of Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age cremation graves in continental Northwest Europe (1100-500 BC)

Ready at the starting line for Horizon 2020

It is expected that in December the first applications can be submitted for the new EU research programme Horizon 2020, the successor to FP7. Researchers can start preparing themselves now through information meetings and training sessions.    

Rewriting Caribbean history with local archaeologists

More than fifty researchers are working together to describe the colonisation of the Americas from the Amerindian perspective. In November they will be meeting for the first time, in Leiden. How is Corinne Hofman, Leiden Professor of Archaeology managing the international megaproject Nexus 1492?

Rescuing Tell Begum

Olivier Nieuwenhuyse , member of the Faculty of Archaeology, was successful in receiving a grant from the Bijvanck Foundation for a first campaign of work at Tell Begum, northern Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan). A small international team directed by Olivier Nieuwenhuyse in a joint effort with the Directorate General of Antiquities and Heritage shall be in the field a few weeks later this summer to explore the potential for a more substantial project at this intriguing prehistoric site and to develop local partnerships. The site lies within the area of the Shahrizor Survey Project .

PhD grant for Simone Lemmers

Simone Lemmers has been awarded a Leverhume trust funded PhD Position at the University of Durham, UK in the field of Biological Anthropology supervised by Dr. Jo Setchell (Antropology, Durham University) and Dr Wendy Dirks (Newcastle University) starting October 2013.

PhD grant for Andy Sorensen

NWO Humanities and the Humanities Regieorgaan have awarded a PhD grant to Andy Sorensen under the joint funding program PhDs in the Humanities. Andy will start his research on how long humans already have the ability to make fire on July 1st. 2013.

Grant Byvanckfonds for Dennis Braekmans

Dennis Braekmans receives funding from the Byvanckfonds for the research "Regional economy in the ancient Mediterranean: a materials approach to the exchange networks of Carthage (North Africa)."

Rubicon (NWO) awarded to Dr. Quentin Bourgeois

A Rubicon Grant is awarded to dr Quentin Bourgeois for his reserach project " Walking along Ancestral Lines. Prehistoric barrow alignments from the 3rd Millennium BC in North-Western and Central Europe ". For his research Quentin will be part of the research group of of Prof. Dr. Helle Vandkilde and Mads Holst at the University of Aarhus in Denmark for one year, starting in the summer of 2013.

Global Exploration Grant (National Geographic Society) awarded to Dr. Alexander Geurds for field research in Nicaragua

With the awarded Global Exploration Grant Dr. Alex Geurds will further investigate the Pre-Hispanic archaeological site Aguas Buenas in Nicaragua he recently documented. Partially completed differential-GPS mapping has revealed that this site consists of more than 500 stone and earthen mounds. Mapping, begun during the summer of 2012, has covered an estimated 40% of the site. Preliminary results from excavation confirms human occupation at Aguas Buenas during separate time periods.