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Rescuing Tell Begum

Olivier Nieuwenhuyse , member of the Faculty of Archaeology, was successful in receiving a grant from the Bijvanck Foundation for a first campaign of work at Tell Begum, northern Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan). A small international team directed by Olivier Nieuwenhuyse in a joint effort with the Directorate General of Antiquities and Heritage shall be in the field a few weeks later this summer to explore the potential for a more substantial project at this intriguing prehistoric site and to develop local partnerships. The site lies within the area of the Shahrizor Survey Project .

Leiden Archaeologist joins prestigious french project

Dr. Joanita Vroom (Near Eastern and Mediterranean archaeology) has been invited to join the prestigious French POMEDOR Project as co-applicant and regional coordinator for Greece and Turkey. The POMEDOR Project focusses on the interaction between population, pottery and food in the Medieval Eastern Mediterranean and uses an interdisciplinary archaeological, archaeometric and historical approach to this new field of study.

Retirement Diederik J.W. Meijer

In the beginning of May 2011 Diederik Meijer reached the age of 65. In honour of his retirement a symposium was organised on the 15th of April, at the end of which he was presented with an honorary volume  “Correlates of Complexity – Essays in Archaeology and Assyriology. Fortunately Diederik Meijer will remain attached to the Faculty of Archaeology in the coming years in which he will focus on his research.

The Prehistory of Asia Minor

In this book, Bleda Düring offers an archaeological analysis of Asia Minor, the area equated with much of modern-day Turkey, from 20,000 to 2,000 BC.

Tell Balata Archaeological Park

This week a Joint Palestinian-Dutch expedition in cooperation with UNESCO started (2010-2012). Funded by the Government of The Netherlands. The major activities of the project include scientific research and the formulation and implementation of a Management Plan. For this the three involved institutions MOTA-DACH, the University of Leiden (Faculty of Archaeology), and UNESCO, work closely together with local stakeholders to implement the project.

Pilot excavation in Iraqi Kurdistan

The Netherlands organisation for Scientific Research NWO has granted a subsidy to prof. dr Wilfred H. van Soldt (Humanities, LIAS) and dr Diederik J.W. Meijer (Archaeology, Near East) to conduct a pilot excavation in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Co-operation between Palestine and Leiden Archaeology renewed

On 8 June the Faculty of Archaeology and the Department of Antiquity and Cultural Heritage (DACH) of the Palestine Ministry of Tourism and Antiquity signed an agreement in Ramallah on the West Bank. The aim of the agreement is renewed and sustainable co-operation in the field of archaeology.