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Field seminar 'Time Intercultural' in Mexico

The Mesoamerican research group ' Time in Intercultural Context : the indigenous calendars of Mexico and Guatemala ' funded by the ERC and directed by prof. dr. Maarten Jansen, met up in Mexico from the 13th until the 23rd of February for a field seminar in the states of Tlaxcala and Hidalgo.

VIDI Grant for Alexander Geurds

NWO has awarded a VIDI grant to Alex Geurds  for his research proposal entitled Networked practices of contact: Cultural identity at the Late Prehistoric settlement of Aguas Buenas, Nicaragua, AD 500-1522. Geurds will investigate material culture exchange along the frontier of the Mesoamerican and the more southerly Isthmo-Colombian cultural areas, situated in central Nicaragua. The project group will consist of two PhD students and the Principal Investigator.

Global Exploration Grant (National Geographic Society) awarded to Dr. Alexander Geurds for field research in Nicaragua

With the awarded Global Exploration Grant Dr. Alex Geurds will further investigate the Pre-Hispanic archaeological site Aguas Buenas in Nicaragua he recently documented. Partially completed differential-GPS mapping has revealed that this site consists of more than 500 stone and earthen mounds. Mapping, begun during the summer of 2012, has covered an estimated 40% of the site. Preliminary results from excavation confirms human occupation at Aguas Buenas during separate time periods.

Renewing the cultural identity of Canadian Indians

The artefacts that still remain from the traditional culture of the indigenous Yukon, Canada, are spread over dozens of museums throughout the world. Yukon Indian Ukjese van Kampen carried out research to bring this culture to light. This is the subject of his dissertation entitled ‘The history of Yukon First Nations Art’. PhD defence 23 May.

Science4Arts grant for Maarten Jansen

The Steering Committee Science4Arts has awarded Prof.dr. Maarten Jansen for his research project entitled "Shedding light on endangered mutual heritage. Developing non-invasive imaging techniques to uncover, understand and preserve ancient Mexican pictorial manuscripts".

ERC grant for Maarten Jansen

The European Research Council has awarded an Advanced Grant to Prof. dr. Maarten Jansen for research on Indigenous Calenders of Mexico and Guatemala.

Monte Alban

At the VIth Monte Albán Round Table conference (July 2011) in Oaxaca, Mexico, Maarten Jansen (Leiden University) together with Mexican archaeologists Dante García and Iván Rivera (both from the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia) discussed the topography and toponyms of the archaeological zone of Monte Albán. They presented new evidence for Jansen's earlier identification of this site in the Mixtec pictorial manuscripts.

Important gift of the Mexican Embassy

December 13 2010 the Mexican embassy, represented by the cultural attaché, Mr. José Manuel Springer, donated to the Faculty of Archaeology a voluminous publication of detailed maps of the historical and contemporary distribution of the indigenous languages of Mexico: “Catálogo de Lenguas Indígenas Mexicanas, Cartografía contemporánea de sus asentamientos históricos”, published by the Mexican Instituto Nacional de Lenguas Indígenas (INALI).