October 7: Aesernia: the impact of Roman Republican colonisation

Tesse Stek

Within the context of the Landscapes of Early Roman Colonization project extensive field work (this year 4 months) is being undertaken in Central and Southern Italy, employing different strategies and methods, involving archaeological field survey, excavation and remote sensing techniques, as well as detailed study of ceramic assemblages.

This lecture gives an outline of the research questions, goals and design of the project. Attention focuses on specific, selective field methodologies that our teams developed to respond to very specific research questions. The pros and cons of such explicit problem-oriented field work methods -sometimes considered to be controversial- will be discussed. Also the practical side of running the field work project, such as its local and institutional embedding within, and collaborations with, the various Dutch, Italian and regional institutes and authorities that are involved will be discussed.

Lectures series

In September and October 2015 we organize five interesting guest lectures that present exciting new results of current work in the field of Classical and Mediterranean archaeology.

Please join us to hear and discuss new data, questions and ideas about Paestum.

The lectures take place on Wednesday from 11.15 till 12.00 in STEENĀ  E002B

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