Mediterranean landscape archaeology


Within the broader research theme Town and Country which unites the Classical, Mediterranean and Near Eastern Archaeology Department, the Classical-Mediterranean staff and PhDs are active in a wide number of regions and periods of the Circum-Mediterranean lands.

Testing the Hinterlands

The work of the Boeotia Survey (1989-1991) in the Southern Approaches to the City of Thespiai. Edited by John Bintliff, Phil Howard and Anthony Snodgrass

The city of Tanagra and its countryside

Since 2000 our joint university team, under the administrative umbrella of the Dutch Institute in Athens (NIA), with the enthusiastic support of its director Gert Jan van Wijgaarden and his team, and with the exceptional constant help and support of the County Archaeologist (Ephor) for Boeotia, Prof. Vassilis Aravantinos, has conducted four seasons of fieldwork at the city of Tanagra and in its surrounding countryside.