Cultural interaction in the Hellenistic and Roman (wider) Mediterranean


The research program of Dr. M.J. Versluys consists of 5 interlocking sub projects, studying cultural interaction and cultural transference in the Hellenistic and Roman Mediterranean, Near East and Egypt on both a theoretical and an applied level, in different places of that cosmopolitan world.

Dynamics of persistence and change in Hellenistic and Roman Egypt

Complementary to project 2 (Egypt in the Roman world) and with a focus on Alexandria to mirror and contextualise project 5 (Rome), this sub project deals with that region from the Hellenistic and Roman Mediterranean and Near East where, probably, we can study “cultural interaction” from the widest variety of perspectives with help of the most diverse source material.

Rome as a Hellenistic city

This project takes Rome as an active producer and consumer of Hellenistic koine and focuses not on how Rome changed the world, but how the world changed Rome.