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Recent peer-reviewed journal articles

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Recent books

The Oxford Handbook of Caribbean Archaeology

Edited by William F. Keegan, Corinne L. Hofman and Reniel Rodriguez Ramos
Hardback, 592 pages Jan 2013,  Not Yet Published

Communities in Contact

Hofman & van Duijvenbode (eds.) 2011

Communities in Contact represents the outcome of the Fourth International Leiden in the Caribbean symposium entitled "From Prehistory to Ethnography in the circum-Caribbean". The contributions cover a wide range of topics from a variety of disciplines – archaeology, bioarchaeology, ethnohistory and ethnography – revolving around the themes of mobility and exchange, culture contact, and settlement and community. The application of innovative approaches and the multi-dimensional character of these essays have provided exiting new perspectives on the indigenous communities of the circum-Caribbean and Amazonian regions throughout prehistory until the present.

512p, 68 col & 40 b/w illus (Sidestone Press, 2011), PB, 978-90-8890-063-1


Crossing the Borders

Hofman, Hoogland & van Gijn (eds.) 2008

New Methods and Techniques in the Study of Archaeological Materials from the Caribbean.

The University of Alabama Press
Tuscaloosa Alabama 35487-0380

ISBN-13: 978-0-8173-5453-4
ISBN-10: 0-8173-5453-0  


Late Ceramic Age Societies in the Eastern Caribbean

Delpuech, A., and C.L. Hofman (eds) 2004

Oxford. BAR International Series 1273

This volume, intended as a follow up to Early Ceramic population lifeways and adaptive strategies in the Caribbean (BAR 1989, Peter Siegel, ed.), covers the subsequent period between AD 600 and 1500 in the eastern Antilles including Trinidad, the Lesser Antilles, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and the adjacent coastal area of South America. The emphasis is on the northern Lesser Antilles where research has progressed in the last decade, whilst other regions such as the Windward Islands to the south have been less studied. 

Book chapters

In addition to chapters in the Caribbean Research Group's book publications, the following book chapters have recently been published elsewhere: 

  • Hofman, C.L., M.L.P. Hoogland 2013. Caribbean encounters: rescue excavations at the early colonial Island Carib site of Argyle, St. Vincent.

  • Hofman, C.L., A. Boomert, A. J. Bright, M.L.P. Hoogland, S. Knippenberg, and A.V.M. Samson 2011. Ties with the 'Homeland': archipelagic interaction and the enduring role of the South American mainland in the pre-Columbian Lesser Antilles. In L.A. Curet and M.W. Hauser (eds). Islands at the Crossroads: Migration, Seafaring, and Interaction in the Caribbean, 73-86. Tuscaloosa: Univ. Ala. Press. 

  • Hofman, C.L., and E.B. Carlin  2010. The Ever Dynamic Caribbean: Exploring new approaches to unravelling social networks in the pre-colonial and early colonial periods. In E.B. Carlin and S. van de Kerke (eds), Linguistics and Archaeology in the Americas: The historization of language and society, Brill's Studies in the Indigenous Languages of the Americas, vol. 2,107-122. Leiden/Boston: Brill.

  • Hofman, C.L. 2007. The Caribbean: Lesser Antilles. In: D.M. Pearsall (ed.), Encyclopaedia of Archaeology, 143-153. New York: Academic Press.

Caribbean dissertations

  • Reading the Dental record

Hayley L. Mickleburgh. PhD dissertation, Leiden University, 2013.

  • Arqueología en la Linea Noroeste de La Española. Paisaje, cerámicas e interacciones

Jorge Ulloa Hung. PhD dissertation, Leiden University, 2013.

  • Interaccion Colonial en un Pueblo de Indios Encomendados. El Chorro de Maita, Cuba

Roberto Valcarcel Rojas. PhD dissertation (cum laude), Leiden University, 2012.

  • Patterns of Paleomobility in the Ancient Antilles.

    Jason E. Laffoon. PhD dissertation, Leiden University, 2012.

  • Amotopoan Trails: A recent archaeology of Trio movements

Jimmy L.J.A. Mans. PhD dissertation, Leiden University, 2012.

Alistair Bright. PhD dissertation, Leiden University 2011.

Alice Samson. PhD dissertation, Leiden University 2010.

Yvonne Lammers-Keijsers. PhD dissertation, Leiden University 2007.

  • Stone artefact production and exchange among the northern Lesser Antilles

Sebastiaan Knippenberg. PhD dissertation, Leiden University 2006.

  • Pre-Columbian social organisation and interaction interpreted through the study of settlement patterns: An archaeological case-study of the Pointe des Châteaux, La Désirade and Les Îles de la Petite Terre micro-region, Guadeloupe, F.W.I.

Maaike S. de Waal. PhD dissertation, Leiden University, 2006.

  • Trinidad, Tobago and the Lower Orinoco interaction sphere: An archaeological/ethnohistorical study.

Arie Boomert. PhD dissertation, Leiden University, 2000.

  • In search of the native population of pre-Columbian Saba (400-1450 A.D.). Part two. Settlements in their natural and social environment.

Menno L.P. Hoogland. PhD dissertation, Leiden University, 1996.

  • In search of the native population of pre-Columbian Saba. Part One. Pottery styles and their interpretations.

Corinne L. Hofman. PhD dissertation, Leiden University, 1993.

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