Caribbean Connections: Cultural Encounters in a New World Setting (CARIB)

The project, funded by Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA), was launched on 30th of September in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The universities of Leiden (Professor C.L.Hofman), Leuven (Professor P. Degryse), and Konstanz (Professor U. Brandes)  will form a trans-national collaboration to study Cultural Encounters between the Old and New Worlds.

From 1492 onward, the Caribbean was the centre stage for interactions between cultures of dramatically different backgrounds, which after a turbulent colonial period laid the foundations for the modern-day, multi-ethnic  societies of the region. Our knowledge of this unsettled history is based on descriptions by early European chroniclers, who provide biased and fragmented accounts of the indigenous Amerindian inhabitants. The CARIB project will provide much needed archeological research of this period, something that is currently virtually non-existent, to create a more balanced picture of the transformations of cultures and societies across the historical divide (AD 1000 – 1800).

Last Modified: 14-10-2013