About Bioarchaeology

Bioarchaeology in the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden includes palaeo- and archaeo-botany and zoology, geoarchaeology, and isotope archaeology. Teaching and research in these fields is supported by laboratories that are well equipped and contain extensive palynological, macroscopic plant part, wood, teeth and bone reference collections.

News and events

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Opening Museum and research center Paläon

One of the highlights during the fieldwork in Schoningen lead by Prof. Thijs van Kolfschoten in 2013 was the opening of the museum and research center paläon on June 24. To the realisation of the museum, the Faculty of Archaeology made ​​a significant contribution. Many of the results of the research in the past 20 years can be seen in the museum.

PhD grant for Simone Lemmers

Simone Lemmers has been awarded a Leverhume trust funded PhD Position at the University of Durham, UK in the field of Biological Anthropology supervised by Dr. Jo Setchell (Antropology, Durham University) and Dr Wendy Dirks (Newcastle University) starting October 2013.