Within the Faculty of Archaeology the Archaeological Heritage Management programme is a relatively young field of research. It was started in 2006 with the appointment of Prof.dr. W.J.H. Willems to the chair for international archaeological heritage management. Archaeological heritage management is a very broad field of research. It is concerned with the identification, protection, management and preservation of the material remains of human activity in the past (of whatever period and in whichever region of the world) and with the interaction that this involves with all kinds of stakeholders.

At present the research topics of the heritage management section of the Faculty of Archaeology vary from the modern management of archaeological resources (sites and finds) and requirements of sustainable development, to the challenges of commercial archaeology and the endeavour to find efficient methods of public engagement. This encompasses archaeological resources on both land and underwater.

Research Projects

The Research Group

The researchers of the Archaeological Heritage Management section are joined within the World Heritage Research Group. Every six weeks the group meets for a presentation and discussion on one of the research issues. Students are regularly invited to attend these meetings. Once a year the research group has an excursion to visit particular heritage management projects.


The AHRM program has close cooperation in research projects with

  • the National Museum of Ethnology (RMV)

  • the Centre for International Heritage Activites (CIE) in Leiden

  • the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)

  • the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV)

Research collaborations also exist with the State Service for Cultural Heritage (RCE), University College London, Wageningen University and ICOMOS, the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICAHM-committee).


Most of the researchers are involved with teaching aspects of the master program ‘Archaeological heritage management in a global context’ and students are also involved in some of the research projects of the section.

Last Modified: 05-01-2016