Dr. Elli Tzavella

  • postdoctoral researcher
  • Byzantine Archaeology and Topography
  • Byzantine and Post-Byzantine pottery from Greece and the Aegean

Elissavet Tzavella (PhD 2013, University of Birmingham) is currently working as a postdoc researcher in the VIDI project. She specialises on the academic fields of Byzantine Archaeology and Topography and on Byzantine and Post-Byzantine pottery from Greece and the Aegean. Her doctoral thesis dealt with settlement patterns, economy and defense of Early and Middle Byzantine Attica (Greece, 4th-12th c.). In this, she combined the interpretation of recent excavation results, early traveller accounts, historical sources, with her own fieldwork in the area, in order to produce a spherical image of settlement and activity in Byzantine Attica. Her MPhil dealt with Burial and Urbanism in Early Byzantine and ‘Dark-Age’ Athens (4th-9th c.) (University of Birmingham, 2006).

In her capacity as a ceramics specialist, Tzavella is involved in the Sikyon Survey Project (University of Thessaly, University of York), the Cambridge Keros Project, the Priniatikos Pyrgos excavations on Crete, and the excavation at Agios Georgios sto Vouno on the island of Kythera (University of Athens). In addition to her involvement on these research projects, Tzavella has also worked as an archaeologist for the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, and in this capacity has conducted excavations at the Byzantine monastery of Osios Meletios on Mt Kithairon (2007), undertook research on the castle of Acrocorinth (2009-2010) and was responsible for recording and data procession of finds from recent excavations in Ancient Corinth (2011-2013).

The VIDI Project with title ‘Material Culture, Consumption and Social Change: New Approaches to Understanding the Eastern Mediterranean during Byzantine and Ottoman Times’ (2010-2015) is led by Dr Joanita A. C. Vroom (Faculty of Archaeology, University of Leiden). The project aims to provide a new archaeological approach to the material culture of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires in the eastern Mediterranean (from the 7th to the 20th c.). Within this frame, Tzavella is working primarily on ceramic finds excavated in the Athenian Agora and on their integration to their social context, a project which aligns closely with both her MPhil and PhD research.

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