Dr. A. (Araceli) Rojas Martinez Gracida

  • Assistant professor
  • Mesoamerican archaeology
  • Mexican archaeology
  • Oaxaca and the center of Mexico
  • Mesoamerican religion and calendars
  • Codex-style pictography

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Araceli Rojas is a Mexican archaeologist who recently defended her PhD thesis: El tiempo y la sabiduría en Poxoyëm. Un calendario sagrado entre los Ayook de Oaxaca (Time and Wisdom in Poxoyëm. A Sacred Calendar Among the Ayook People of Oaxaca). From 2007 to 2011, Araceli researched on the on-going use of a 260 day-count in a community in the South Mexico. This system of time reckoning was a distinctive trait of ancient Mesoamerican civilization that interestingly survives in some communities of Mexico and Guatemala. The documentation of this sacred count of the days reflects strong connections with ritual, divination, personhood and narratives of origin, among other worldview concepts. The work expects to represent a respectful and dignified description of women “daykeepers” and Ayook People’s heritage.

Araceli’s current research interests are on Mesoamerican worldview and religion, specifically on the cult of ancestors, their oracular capacity, and divination.

Last Modified: 01-02-2016