mr. R. (Raul) Macuil Martinez MSc

  • PhD student


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The Nahua-Tlaxcalteca Calendar during the colonial period and the contemporary use of time in Santa Catarina and San Fransisco Atotonilco, Hidalgo

This research is based on an analysis of the use of the Nahua calendar in Tlaxcala during the colonial era. An important base will be formed by the study of manuscripts which were produced by the Tlaxcaltecan peoples in their native language during the sixteenth and eighteenth century.

It is important to analyze how the transition from one calendar system to the other occurred, as well as the use of the calendars by the communities and peoples throughout the colonial era, and how this is reflected in the documentation.

This research will not only be based on the colonial period, as two Naua communities of the Acaxochitlan community, Hidalgo, will be studied; with important presence of nauatl speakers, preserved concepts of time, cyclical festivities, petitions for rain, the change of local authorities etc. This all is a reinterpretation and appropriation of the use of time.

Apart from this the surviving knowledge of the Mesoamerican calendar in the Nahua communities of the district of Acaxochitlan, Hidalgo, will also be studied.

Last Modified: 01-02-2016