Maaike Leemreize MA

PhD Research

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Roman Perceptions of Egypt: the Literary Discourse


  • Prof. Dr. Ineke Sluiter

  • Dr. Miguel John Versluys

Research Summary

Within the VIDI Research Group ‘Cultural Innovation in a Globalising Society: Egypt in the Roman World (Dr. Miguel John Versluys) this study deals with the Egyptian elements in Roman literary discourse. Earlier studies concerning Roman perceptions of Egypt have mainly focused on one particular period: the Augustan age, and on one particular aspect: the worship of animals. By the propagation of such stereotypes, they mainly emphasized the ‘otherness’ of the Egyptians. This study aims to broaden the discussion by analysing the literary discourse on Egypt and by including all kinds of references to Egypt in different ages. Apart from the Augustan period, it is especially the Flavian age that deserves attention. The Roman receptions of Egypt will be explained within a theoretical framework of globalisation and cultural innovation. In this way, this study will contribute to general discussions about cross-cultural phenomena and identity formation.


Maaike holds a Research Master ‘Classical Medieval and Renaissance Studies’ with a major in Ancient History (cum laude) from University of Groningen. She is a PhD candidate Faculty of Archaeology, University Leiden since September 2010.

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