Dr D.J. (Hans) Huisman

  • Lecturer
  • Soil science
  • Geoarchaeology
  • Archaeological soil micromorphology
  • Inorganic geochemistry/archaeometry
  • Degradation, preservation and monitoring
  • Metal and glass technology

Hans Huisman has a background in soil science (MSc Wageningen University) and Geochemistry (PhD Wageningen University and 5 years working experience in the former geochemical laboratory of NITG-TNO/Geological Survey of the Netherlands). Since 2003 he works at the Cultural Heritage Agence of the Netherlands (formerly ROB). His main task there is to do research for and to advise on archaeological heritage management. In addition, as an archaeological scientist with a track record in archaeological soil micromorphology and the application of inorganic geochemistry and archaeometry he participates in a range of archaeological research projects.

Past and ongoing research topics include:

  • Degradation processes in wood, glass and metals.
  • Formation, taphonomy and degradation of archaeological soil features
  • Assessing and monitoring archaeological sites (including the UNESCO Heritage site of Schokland)
  • The impact of human activities (agriculture, construction works) and erosion on archaeological sites
  • Provenance and production techniques of archaeological glasses and metals
  • Identification and characterization of prehistoric and early medieval tillage

Hans organized of the 2007 ICOM conference on Waterlogged Organic Archaeological Materials in Amsterdam and the 2014 workshop on archaeological soil micromorphology in Amersfoort. He is the editor of the handbook “Degradation of Archaeological Remains” (2009). He is associate editor of the Journal of Archaeological Science

At Leiden University, he lectures on degradation of and care for vulnerable archaeological materials (Materiaalkunde II), on archaeological glass (Materiaalkunde I), and supervises bachelor and master students.


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