Dr. Bleda Düring

  • Associate Professor
  • Archaeology of the Near East
  • Archaelogy of Empires
  • Ancient Eastern Arabia
  • Landscape Archaeology
  • Prehistoric Cyprus
  • Neolithic Turkey

Telephone number: +31 (0)71 527 6449
E-Mail: b.s.during@arch.leidenuniv.nl
Faculty / Department: Faculteit Archeologie, World Archaeology, Archaeology of the Near East
Office Address: Van Steenis gebouw
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden
Room number B1.07
Personal Homepage: www.archaeology.leiden.edu/​organisation/​during.jsp

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Dr. Bleda S. Düring is Associate Professor in Near Eastern Archaeology. He is engaged in diverse research project across the region.

First, he is directing a large ERC Starting Grant project in which he is investigating the Archaeology of (Middle Assyrian) Imperialism with a team of six researchers and focusing on the rich dataset of Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria. The aim of the project is to better understand what repertoires of rule made the Assyrians successful and how these impacted on peripheral societies and landscapes.

Second, Bleda is directing a long term Landscape Archaeology in the Wadi al Jizzi, near the city of Sohar in Oman. The aim of this project is to better explain the boom and bust phases in the past occupation of this marginal environment and how it was impacted by agricultural innovations, international trade and climatological developments. 

Third, a new excavation project investigation the Chalcolithic site of Cholarakas-Palloures in Cyprus, directed by Bleda, will start in 2015. The aim of this project is to better understand the emergence of complex societies and the rise of craft specialization and trade networks on the island.

Bleda’s earlier research focused on Neolithic Turkey. He was involved in the Çatalhöyük excavations, and wrote a PhD on the ‘clustered neighbourhood settlements’ of the central Anatolian Neolithic. He was subsequently field director in the Barcın Höyük excavations, a Neolithic site near Bursa, and went on to direct the Cide Archaeological Project: a 3 year survey project in the Turkish Black Sea that aimed to document sites of the poorly known Pre- and Protohistoric period in the region.

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