Dr. S. (Shu-Li) Wang (王舒俐)

  • University Lecturer
  • Critical Museology and Heritage Studies
  • Cultural policy and Identity Politics
  • Cultural Memory
  • Material Culture Studies
  • Anthropology of Nationalism

Personal Homepage: archaeology.leiden.edu/​organisation/​staff/​dr-shu-li-wang.html#contact


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Shu-Li WANG, (dr.) (王舒俐) ) specializes in the conceptualization of cultural heritage in different social contexts. She obtained a double-major BA degree in Political science and Anthropology at National Taiwan University, MA in Archaeology (focus: Mesoamerica) at Leiden University and Ph.D. in Anthropology at University College London. As an exhibition developer from 2004-2008, she has engaged in several museum construction projects in Taiwan (e.g. Lanyang Museum).

Dr. Wang is an anthropologist with a research interest in critical heritage studies, comparative museum history, material culture studies, cultural governance and cultural memory, anthropology of nationalism and contemporary Chinese social history. My research interests revolve around the construction of and discourses relating to UNESCO world heritage sites, the museumification/heritagization/materialization of China’s historical past, and the uses of heritage in nation-building in 20th-century China. Her Ph.D. thesis explored archaeological knowledge production, the interplay between macro-history and micro-history, and heritage impact in contemporary China. Since 2013, her postdoctoral work has explored the development of museums in China, Mexico and Europe in comparative perspective (supported by a European Research Council Advanced Grant), with special emphasis on Indigenous Heritage Rights. Wang’s research sites in China are mainly located in Anyang (Henan Province), Chengdu (Sichuan Province) and Xi’an (Shaan’xi Province), where she did fieldwork in archaeological stations and museums to explore the everyday life of history,  heritage and museum making. Wang’s research aims to contribute to a better understanding of the changing roles of heritage and museums in China in the context of globalization and neoliberalism.

Currently, Dr. Wang is a lecturer and coordinator of internship of the MA program in Museum Studies and Heritage Management at Leiden University. Dr. Wang is also a Research Fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies, where she helps to promote critical heritage programs in Asia in comparative perspective. Over the coming academic year, Dr. Wang is developing a research project on the topic of parks as aesthetically arranged national places—including archaeological parks or ethnic theme parks—with a view towards facilitating dialogue at the intersection of the global heritage phenomenon, state policy and local interest.

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