Thousands of Archaeology e -books available!

An increasing proportion of the books of Archaeology is available as an e-book. The library has in recent years purchased packages of e–books, including Springer , Oxford UP, Cambridge UP, Brill and Brepols. Since this summer we also order individual e-books via EBL platform at increasingly reasonable prices.

E-books have several advantages over printed books. They can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. They obviously do not need to be checked-out, but can be accessed online at home. E-books often offer the advantage of being fully searchable. For education purposes, reading lists are easily assembled by building lists of links to the books or chapters in Blackboard.

For Archaeology, currently thousands of e-book titles are available. How do you find out which e-books we have in Leiden? This can be done in several ways:

Search the catalog for the book you want to view. This way you can verify whether we have the title, and whether we have a paper version and/or an e-book. Access to the e -book is just one click away! When searching under 'Leiden Collections' you get all the e-books to which the library has access. Looking under 'All content' returns results including the open access books from databases such as DOAB (Database of Open Access Books) and Project Gutenberg.

Looking for e-books on a particular subject? Just enter your subject under 'All content', for example Pompeii. Then restrict the list by clicking on "Books" in the menu to the left. Then restrict further by 'Full Text Online'. This results in 739 (18 Sep 2013) e-books related to Pompeii .

You can also use wider queries, for example with the term classical archeolog*. If you enter this term under 'All content' and then restrict the results with 'Books' and 'Full Text Online', 1277 results are returned. You can further refine this query with the search terms Rome OR Roman (in the second search line under 'Advanced Search' ). Then again limit by 'Books' and 'Full Text Online' and you get a list of 968 e-book titles.

The database 'ProQuest Dissertations and Theses ' contains more than one million full-text dissertations and theses . These e-dissertations cannot be recovered by means of the above-described approach, instead you need to specify the database itself. Click the 'Find databases' button in the top of the catalog. Then tap behind 'Title:' dissertations and click 'Search'. You can then click the database and search it.

How many e-books do we exactly have on archaeology? That's hard to say. A search under 'All content' with the terms archaeolog* OR excavation* returns 2186 e-books. This search example , however, will not yield all e-books about Pompeii, because the catalog descriptions of books about Pompeii do not always feature the terms archaeolog* OR excavation*. The Dutch terms archeolog* OR opgraving* return 1768 titles. This will partly overlap with the first result.

I would like to invite you to find out which e-books are available for your own research and educational area with the Faculty of Archaeology. Should you have tips for buying new e-books, please pass them on to the library committee (Alex Geurds and Carol van Driel).

For questions about e -books you can contact Marijke Kester via

Last Modified: 10-10-2013