Now available: Interpreting the Late Neolithic of Upper Mesopotamia

The Late Neolithic period in Upper Mesopotamia is hot.

Some years ago the section Archaeology of the Ancient Near East hosted the first international conference on this topic in Leiden. Last week the Proceedings came out with Brepols Publishers. In Interpreting the Late Neolithic of Upper Mesopotamia a diverse, international group of scholars discusses in detail the wealth of information on this period gained from several decades of recent research in northern Mesopotamia.

A first review by Ian Hodder: “This is an enormously impressive volume that consigns to the waste bin any notion that the Late Neolithic in Upper Mesopotamia was an inconsequential period of stagnant inactivity between the PPNB and the Ubaid, between the origins of farming and of urbanism. Rather, the period emerges as diverse and complex, witnessing much dynamism and challenging many accepted assumptions. A hugely impressive compendium of papers transforms our vision of this time period. The papers are lively and diverse in terms of theory and perspective. Some deal more with excavation results and with microhistories, while others provide synthetic accounts. "Interpreting the Late Neolithic" is a milestone in late prehistoric research of Western Asia.”

Olivier Nieuwenhuyse

Peter Akkermans

Reinhard Bernbeck

Jana Rogasch

Last Modified: 11-07-2014