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Dr. José Joordens drilling for our ancestors

Dr. Jose Joordens explains in - De Telegraaf - how drill cores from the Turkana basin might shed light on the evolution of our early ancestors.

Alex Geurds on stone circles

Alex Geurds gave an interview on Hoe?Zo! radio about the mysterious stone circles he found in the junge of Nicaragua.

The interview (in Dutch) starts 2 minutes 40.

Mark Sier on the magnetic field of the earth

On Sunday, March 10, 2013, the VPRO program "The 6th Sense" (Labyrinth) was about the magnetic field of the earth and how animals use this field. For background information Mark Sier was interviewed in his capacity as Palaeolithic archaeologist and researcher at Fort Hoofddijk (Paleo Magnetic Laboratory in Utrecht) and the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University.
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Het Zesde zintuig March 10 (Dutch)....

David Fontijn in "De Wereld leert door"30 januari 2013

In the new TV show "De Wereld leert door" (The world learns) every evening at 22:30 (NED3) a scientist is interviewed about his or her research.

On Wednesday, January 30, 2013, Dr. Fontijn was a guest in the program and spoke with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk about his research on ritual ceremonies in  the Bronze Age.

The broadcast can be looked back through this link.

Floris Keehnen on Goedemorgen Nederland (KRO) and Hoe?Zo! (Radio 5)

Floris Keehnen, winner of the Volkskrant-IISG Thesis Award, was a guest on the radio program "Goedemorgen Nederland" to talk about his winning MA Thesis.
To listen to the interview, click here (in Dutch).

On January 7th 2013, he will be guest in the radio program Hoe?Zo!  (Radio 5) between 20:00 - 21:00.

More information:
MA thesis Floris Keehnen awarded with the Volkskrant thesis prize

History of the world in 7 hours

Last sunday, 14 October, Diederik Meijer was a guest expert on the radio program OVT by the VPRO. Here he discussed the history of the world with the two classicists Anton van Hooff en Piet Schrijverson. The topic at hand was "Ancient times: from Hammurabi to the Emperor Constantine". Among the other guests were Geert Mak, Maarten van Rossem, Adriaan van Dis and Gerard Rooijakers.

Diederik Meijer talks ancient times (in Dutch).
More information about the radio program.

European Archaeological Heritage Prize for prof. dr. Willem Willems

Last Saturday, 15 September, Prof. dr. Willem Willems was a guest during the 'L1 Cultuurcafe' radio show (Omroep Limburg). He was invited to speak about his European Archaeological Heritage Prize, a prestigious award he received in Helsinki in August, and the plans of parliamentarian Frans Timmermans to get the Limburg mines on the world heritage list of UNESCO.

To listen to the interview, click here (in Dutch).

Homo erectus may have lit campfires

Remains of a camp fire in a South African cave could prove that man gained control over fire about one million years ago. Not everyone is convinced.
Read the full NRC article here (in Dutch). 

Reactions in the press:

Putting knowledge to work

Leiden archaeologist Alexander Geurds was interviewed for an article in the April issue of Hypothese wherein the "practical" utilization of science in society is discussed.

In 2010 Dr. Alexander Geurds was awarded the Veni grant by NWO, not only for his talent as a scientist but also because of his ideas and efforts to make his research available for a wider public.

Geurds explains: "For me it is obvious. If I were to drive my SUV in a remote community, I will almost immediately be approached by locals asking me what I'm doing and why. And whether you're an archaeologist or a nanotechnologist, every scientist should be able to explain the usefulness of his or her research in a broad social context."

Click here to read the complete article (in dutch).

Archaeologists blast hasty world heritage listings

National Geographic Traveler covered the first International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM) conference on how to manage the world’s myriad archaeological World Heritage sites, placing much emphasis on the sharp criticism displayed by the co-presidents of ICAHM: prof. dr. Willem Willems and dr. Douglas Comer (Baltimore, Mayland).

Read the full article here.
For a summary, click here.

Pasestraat in Borgharen

In June 2012 archaeologists, led by Drs. Jan-Willem de Kort and Dr. Roel Lauwerier of the National Cultural Heritage Agency and prof.dr. Frans Theuws of Leiden Univerisity, investigated for the 3rd time an early medieval cemetry (6th and 7th centuries AD) near the former water pumping station in the Pasestraat in Borgharen. The purpose of this third campaign was to investigate and document a number of graves and two horse graves. Ten students from Leiden University were involved in the excavtion.

L1, the Broadcasting Network of Limburg, made a report on the excavation. The broadcast can be viewed at: (in Dutch).

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