Archaeology and the Global Economic Crisis

The texts presented in Archaeology and the Global Economic Crisis are extended and updated versions of the papers given at a session entitled “Archaeology and the global crisis - multiple impacts, possible solutions”, held on the 17 th September 2009 at the 15 th annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) in Riva del Garda, Italy.

This session at Riva del Garda was sponsored – in an intellectual sense – by three EAA committees or working parties.

One is the “Committee on archaeological legislation and organisation in Europe”, chaired by Christopher Young and Jean-Paul Demoule: the crisis and the structural changes that follow make the critical and comparative work of this committee more important than ever before.

Further support was received from the “Committee on professional associations in archaeology”, chaired by Kenneth Aitchison, a committee that is acutely concerned with working practices in European archaeology and how theyare being affected by the economic situation.

The third is the working party on “ACE - Archaeology in contemporary Europe: professional practices and public outreach” ( – a European Commission ‘Culture’ programme funded network gathering a dozen of partners from across the continent to examine together the fields of practice and social dimensions of contemporary archaeology.

See chapter 7 (page 55): A crisis with many faces. the impact of the economic recession  on dutch archaeology; Monique H. van den Dries, Karen E. Waugh & Corien Bakker.

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