A Sense of the Past

Studies in current archaeological applications of remote sensing and non-invasive prospection methods edited by Hans Kamermans, Martin Gojda and Axel G.

Thousands of Archaeology e -books available!

An increasing proportion of the Archaeology books are now available as an e-book. The library has in recent years purchased packages of e–books, including Springer , Oxford UP, Cambridge UP, Brill and Brepols. Since this summer we also order individual e-books via EBL platform at increasingly reasonable prices. For Archaeology, currently thousands of e-book titles are available

New publication: The Merovingian cemetry of Posterholt-Achterste Voorst

In this second book of the series " Merovingian Archaeology in the Low Countries" the results of the analyses of the cemetery of Posterholt are are published. The cemetery was studied by M. de Haas MA and prof. dr. F. Theuws. The cemetry of Posterholt  is one of a series of interesting cemeteries in the central part of the province of Limburg where in Carolingian times a number of minsters appear.

Woolly rhino site reveals ancient British temperature

Scientists, including our faculty colleague Dr. Mike Field , studying an exceptionally well-preserved woolly rhinoceros have revealed details of what Britain's environment was like 42,000 years ago. The beast's remains were discovered in Staffordshire in 2002, buried alongside other preserved organisms such as beetles and non-biting midges.

New publication: Monuments on the Horizon

On 10 January 2013 graduated Quentin Bourgeois (Cum Laude) with his thesis on the origin of barrow landscapes. Side Stone Press published his dissertation "Monuments on the horizon. The formation of the barrow landscape throughout the 3rd and 2nd millennium BC."

New publication: Ostia Speaks

"Ostia Speaks: Inscriptions, buildings and spaces in Rome's main port" by Dr. L.B. van der Meer provides a brief introduction to the material history of Ostia, Rome's harbour town from 300 BC until ca AD 600, before centring on about one hundred Latin as well as some Greek inscriptions, some of which are previously unpublished.

New publication: The Complete Archaeology of Greece

"The Complete Archaeology of Greece: from Hunter-Gatherers to the 20th Century A.D." by prof.dr. John Bintliff covers the story of Greece and its central role in our understanding of European civilization, from the Palaeolithic era (400,000 BP) to the early modern period (1950 AD).

Iron Age Echoes

D. Fontijn, Quentin Bourgeois & Arjan Louwen (eds) (2012). This publication describes the history of “barrow landscape” near Echoput in Apeldoorn. Two burial mounds were examined and it became clear that our prehistoric predecessors carefully managed and maintained the open area for a long time, before it was transformed into a funerary site.

Goedereede-Oude Oostdijk (in Dutch)

Jasper de Bruin, Guus Besuijen, Hans Siemons & Jeroen van Zoolingen (2012). De romeinse nederzetting bij het tegenwoordige Goedereede heeft waarschijnlijk een belangrijke functie gehad in de overslag en distributie van diverse goederen, waaronder keramiek en voedingsgewassen. De opgraving van deze nederzetting is nu uitgewerkt in het kader van een Odyssee-project.

New publication: The Death of Archaeological Theory

The Death of Archaeological Theory, edited by John Bintliff and Mark Pearce, addresses the provocative subject of whether it is time to discount the burden of somewhat dogmatic theory and ideology that has built up over the last 25 years.

New book on Etruscan Ritual

This book focuses on Etruscan private and public ritual behaviour in the last millennium BC. It is based on archaeological, epigraphical and historical sources.