PhD Defences

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10 november 2016
mw. Y.F. van Amerongen
Wild West Frisia: the role of domestic and wild resource exploitation in
Bronze Age subsistence
Promotoren: Prof.dr. C.C Bakels
Prof.dr. H. Fokkens

9 november 2016
mw. M.E.C. Leemreize
Framing Egypt: Roman literary perceptions of Egypt from Cicero to Juvenal
Promotoren: Prof.dr. M.J. Versluys
Prof.dr. I. Sluiter

3 november 2016
mw. R. Schats
Life in Transition
Promotoren: Prof.dr. M.L.P. Hoogland
Prof.dr. P.C.M. Hoppenbrouwers

1 november 2016
hr. R.C. Power
Evaluating the dietary microremain record in dental calculus and its application in deciphering hominin diets in Palaeolithic Eurasia
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.J. Hublin  

27 oktober 2016
M.V. Klinkenberg
Reading Rubbish
Promotor: Prof.dr. P.M.M.G. Akkermans

25 oktober 2016
S. Makuvaza
Local indigenous communities, traditional conservation practices and the management of the Matobo hills in south western Zimbabwe
Promotor: Prof.dr. M.E.R.G.N. Jansen

L. Snijders
The Mesoamerican codex re-entangled
Promotor: Prof.dr. M.E.R.G.N. Jansen

30 juni 2016 
G.A. Said-Zammit
The Development of Domestic Space in the Maltese Islands from the Late Middle Ages to the Second Half of the Twentieth Century
Promotor: Prof.dr. J. Bintliff

26 mei 2016
M.E. Berger
From Ollamaliztli to Pelota Mixteca and Beyond
Promotor: Prof.dr. M.E.R.G.N. Jansen

10 mei 2016
C.R. Brandenburgh 
Clothes make the man
Promotors: Prof.dr. F.C.W.J. Theuws &Prof.dr. L. Bender Jørgensen (Norwegian University)

22 maart 2016
S.L. Schnorr
Nutritional Contribution of Plant Foods to Human Diet in Evolution
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.J. Hublin

23 februari 2016
B. Ortiz
Making the Invisible Visible: The Position of Indigenous Women in Mexico
Promotor: Prof.dr. M.E.R.G.N. Jansen

24 November 2015
M.J. Bajema
A comparative approach toward understanding the Mycenaean and Late Preclassic lowland Maya early civilisations through their art styles.
Promotors: Prof. Dr. M.E.R.G.N. Jansen, Prof. Dr. J.L. Bintliff

22 September 2015
E.A.L. Pop
Neandertal adaptations to Interglacial conditions:a case study from the Eemian site Neumark-Nord 2 (Germany)
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.W.M. Roebroeks

2 September 2015
M.M. van den Bel
Archaeological Investigations between Cayenne Island and the Maroni River
Promotor: Prof. dr. C.L. Hofman

24 June 2015
M. Karambinis
The island of Skyros from Late Roman to Early Modern times: An Archaeological Survey
Promotor: Prof.dr. J.B. Bintliff

27 May 2015
E.M. Mol
Egypt in material and mind. The useand perception of Aegyptiacain Roman domestic contexts of Pompeii
Promotor: Prof.dr. R.H.A. Corbey

23 April 2015

M.E.J.J. Aerde
Egypt and the Augustan Cultural Revolution: an interpretative archaeological overview
Promotor: Prof. dr. N. Sojc

31 March 2015
L.A. Osorio
Personhood in Maya Art: a theoretical perspective
Promotor: Prof. dr. M.E.R.G.N. Jansen

24 September 2014
D. Donev
Rural Landscaped along the Vardar valley
Promotor: Prof.dr. J. L. Bintliff

9 September 2014
Willem van Haarlem
Temple Deposits in Early Dynastic Egypt: The Case of Tell Ibrahim Awad
Promotor: Prof.dr. P.M.M.G. Akkermans

13 May 2014
Angus Mol
The Connected Caribbean. A socio-material approach to patterns of homogeneity and diversity in the pre-colonial period.
Promotor: Prof. dr. C.L. Hofman

11 February 2014
Stefanie Hos
Cingulum Militare
Promotor: Prof.dr. W.J.H. Willems

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