Why in Leiden?

The Faculty of Archaeology is an independent faculty within Leiden University, with its own building and facilities. The faculty consists of enthusiastic staff and students, forming a dynamic and international research community.

Unique and multidisciplinary

Archaeology in Leiden covers a wide range of topics. Much attention is paid to the latest technological developments and what you need to satisfy the demands of the archaeological labour market. Archaeology in Leiden is a flexible programme, offering a wide choice of focus possibilities, which are all different in nature. Some of these are quite special; The Archaeology of Mesoamerica is only taught at few universities in Europe and the Archaeology of the Caribbean is unique in the world. In addition, in Leiden there are several museums of importance to the profession, such as the National Museum of Antiquities,  the National Museum of Ethnology and Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

All your talents are useful

The wide choice of focus possibilities makes the programme attractive for almost everyone. In Classical Archaeology, for instance, knowledge of ancient languages comes in useful when ancient Greek and Roman cultures are addressed. Currently, DNA and isotope research as a research method is ‘hot’. If you are interested in biology you can investigate (un)fossilised bones, pollen and seeds to your heart’s desire. Those with an interest in the social and ethical contexts of archaeology, learn all about it in our courses on heritage management.

Education by researchers

The link between education and research is a distinctive characteristic of Leiden University. Besides educating students, our teaching staff dedicate much of their time to archaeological research. As a student you often have the opportunity to participate in these research projects, for instance in excavations. For more advanced students,  research is also integrated with course programmes. During your studies in Leiden you do not only expand your knowledge of the discipline, but you also gain practical experience. These are assets of great importance in your future work field, and much sought-after by employers.

Last Modified: 23-04-2014